How to make a classical ballet bun – Medium to long hair

Creating a ballet bun is tricky, and I am in no way an expert myself. Nonetheless, from the steps you will get the idea as to how to easily, and quickly, make a ballet bun. This will be perfect for class when you will most likely be in a hurry and is a quick and easy method!

You will need:
Two hair elastics
Open and closed pins
A hair net
Hair spray
A bun foundation (or donut, as I like to call it)


My tutorial is going to be for medium/long hair as shown. Start by brushing and combing your hair until smooth


Put your hair into a pony tail, at about middle height. Use hairspray at the front to get it as smooth as possible, avoiding lose hairs.


Now take your bun foundation, or donut, and put it through the ponytail. Try to get it as close to your head as possible, because we want the bun to be flat. I like to use a bun foundation because it makes the shape of the bun much nicer.


Now spread your hair around the donut and get it as smooth as possible. Flatten the bun while doing so.


Secure the shape by putting an elastic over it once you have gotten the desired shape. Try to make the elastic match your hair colour, although I have not as you can see. Also, try to flatten the bun as much as you can.


Wrap the excess hair around the bun, covering the elastic.


Now pull your hairnet over the bun, wrapping it around several times until secure and until the bun looks tidy.


Secure the bun with your open pins. The reason I like to use open pins is because it makes it easier to secure the bun to your head. Stick the pins around the bun to secure it.


Use hairspray to smooth lose hairs and secure them by brushing a comb through them. You can use closed bobby pins to secure these hairs (as you can see I have not done a very good job of this, but you get the idea). You can also see that the “donut” shows through her hair, but it doesn’t matter because it matches her hair colour.

Although my bun is not perfect, the method is an effective and easy way to make one, and with practice you can make it perfect!

Until next time,


Hyde Park School of Dance (2013) How to Make a Classical Ballerina Bun. [online] Available at: [Accessed: February 24, 2013].


7 thoughts on “How to make a classical ballet bun – Medium to long hair

  1. I must say donut describes what it is but we prefer to call them a chinnon or bun foundation – hearing donut just makes me hungry 🙂
    Great blog Sophie, and thanks for the mention in your Prepare for performance post, we only just got the pingback.

    • You’re quite right, my dance teacher used the term “donut” so many times I just got used to calling it that! No problem, and thank you very much for your comment!

  2. Thank u so much !…No finally i can do a ballet bun w/ out looking like i was fighting lol 🙂 btw i like the cut that u gave to ur hair .. Can u tell me what is the name of the cut ??

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