Welcome fellow dancers! My name is Sophie Aker, I’m a 16 year old former ballet dancer with a great passion for dance, currently living in Norway. I have made the decision of creating and developing this blog as a part of the personal project for my last year in the MYP at Skagerak International School. The IB program is an international curriculum with emphasis on language and multicultural awareness, and each year, the Middle Year program 5 are handed the task of developing any product or project of their interest.

This blog will be my effort to try to help intermediate dancers such as myself achieve success in the art of dance. I will be posting entries that have to do with tips, tricks and other useful advice that will be helpful. I advise you to stay tuned for more exciting and useful information on ballet, as I assure you it will be coming very soon!

Until next time, Have a great day!



5 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hello Sophie –

    I have been sitting at my desk flipping through blogs and I came across yours – what a treat. I am afraid I am much older that you – will be 48, but I spent more than 20 years as a dancer. Started when I was 3 and continued until my early 20’s. I must admit I wish there was such a thing as the internet when I was your age – it would have been nice to reach out and connect with other dancers like myself. I do have a few suggestions for topics – these are, of course based on my experiences way back when, but I really do not think that ‘all’ has changed too much:). 1. Include a ballet or (a piece) of the month: for example – Rose Adagio – discuss it, what makes it difficult, who originated the role of Aurora, the choreographer… it can be fact based or based on your experience with the piece/part. The Nutcracker’s Clara would be a perfect role to dissect. What made Clara so special for you? You can also discuss it from the point of view as being the ‘part you would love to dance someday’. 2. Maybe discuss your dance life – behind the stage such as the pressures, fears, exhilarating moments – when I was young, I loved to pick the brains of the ‘older dancers’ – how to apply false eyelashes, prep a pointe shoe, recommendations for handling one’s nerves while standing in the wings, how do I make my eye make up stand out while on stage……I wanted to be just like the dancers in the company that I ‘idolized’. I once had a teacher tell me to stand right behind this particular principle dancer because she had the ability to do certain things that I needed to correct or strengthen. (It was awesome)

    Sophie, I can go on, but instead of me typing, I am looking forward to your writing.

    I appreciate you reading the words of ‘forever’ a ballet dancer at heart!


    • Thank you so much, this comment was truly special and I really appreciate it so much! I am definitely going to take your suggestions into consideration, they are great and I already have a lot of new ideas! Thank you so much for sharing and commenting! I am so glad to hear that someone who appreciates ballet has found my blog! Thank you again, and I hope you will continue to read and enjoy my blog as I will be sure to post new entries soon 🙂


  2. I will without a doubt follow your blog. Actually I have conjured a few ideas of my own – no worries, I will not be stepping on your ‘toes’. I have written sporadically about my past life, in particular – last year – a blog about stepping into a dance studio after 24 years. I am still rather new to blogging even though I have been writing since 2010. There are many features I am still try to comprehend, but I do know about reblog – I am going to reblog you:)

    Many pirouettes – kimberly

  3. Reblogged this on Words4jp's Blog and commented:
    I just discovered this site yesterday – it is absolutely lovely. I do so wish there was such a thing as the internet when I was a 16 year old ballet dancer. This blog would have been ideal! My days of dancing may be far from over but the dancer in me will always remain……

    I cannot wait to see what ‘The Beauty of Ballet’ will post next:)

  4. A mate of mine just pointed me to your site. I’m impressed with your start here. I’ve been blogging about using dance/ballet for sports strengthening.

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