Mirella Autumn Inspiration

Looking through the Mirella collection, I found some dancewear that is perfect for Autumn/winter. I will provide the links for the garments below. Personally I think Mirella has great dance wear. It’s comfortable and good quality, and not too pricey. Here are some inspiration for fall/winter that you might find interesting.

Micro Short with ribbed waistband and leg warmers
Personally I love knitted shorts and leg warmers for winter


Ladies’ swirl buckle wrap top
his top will keep you warm


Long sleve shrug with thumbholes
I actually own this – and recommend it. The thumbholes are great and it keeps you warm during rehearsal.


Georgette wrap skirt and leotard
This burgundy colour is perfect for autumn

For autumn and winter, warm colours and knitwear is key. Rehearsing while you are cold will be uncomfortable and bad for your muscles. So wrap up!

Until next time,


Mirella Dancewear (2013) Mirella Dancewear – Honoring the Art of Dance. [online] Available at: http://www.mirella-dance.com/ [Accessed: November 12, 2012].



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