Exercises that strengthen your pointe

Whether you are new to pointe and about to get your first pair of pointe shoes or have danced for many years, you should never stop exercising your feet to gain strength. Pointe requires enormous strength from your feet and it is not wise to start unless your feet are strong enough. I have prepared … Continue reading

Home remedies for aches and pains

Aches and pains can be so annoying prior to performances, examinations, auditions or classes where you need to be on top form. Normally a few days rest will do the trick, or even a trip to the doctor. But we don’t always have that time! That is why I will give you some of “old … Continue reading

Profile of a dancer: Fredrik Rütter

Shortly before christmas I personally interviewed Norwegian former ballet dancer Fredrik Rütter. Fredrik Rütter tells his story about the challenges, successes and amazing experiences through a professional career as a dancer. (Image: Operaspesialen.no, Fredrik Rütter) As a strong willed individual and with a motivation to keep going, Rütter is a great example of a character that … Continue reading

Pointe for beginners

As a ballerina you will most likely have a basket or box full of pairs of old, dirty and battered pointe shoes that for 1 – 3 months were loved and used and wasted. Or you might have just gotten the permission from your ballet teacher to start pointe, and you are searching for the … Continue reading

Dear Readers!

I am interested in knowing what kind of information or posts you are interested in seeing here on my blog! Is there anything you’d like to know or see here, then please let me know in the comment section and I will be sure to consider it. Thank you, Sophie 

Prepare for Performance

As the gracious ballerina you are, you will no doubt have experienced the nervous and timorous feeling before stepping on to the stage, or the importance of having to prepare physically and mentally before your call. Your weeks of training and prepping for the show are over and it is time to show the audience … Continue reading

Mirella Autumn Inspiration

Looking through the Mirella collection, I found some dancewear that is perfect for Autumn/winter. I will provide the links for the garments below. Personally I think Mirella has great dance wear. It’s comfortable and good quality, and not too pricey. Here are some inspiration for fall/winter that you might find interesting. Micro Short with ribbed waistband and … Continue reading


Hello!Since I only just started blogging,  I will begin by telling you a little bit about myself and my experience with ballet. My name is Sophie Helene Aker, I am 16 years old and am born and raised in southern Norway. I go to an international, English speaking school where I am studying the IB … Continue reading


Welcome fellow dancers! My name is Sophie Aker, I’m a 16 year old former ballet dancer with a great passion for dance, currently living in Norway. I have made the decision of creating and developing this blog as a part of the personal project for my last year in the MYP at Skagerak International School. … Continue reading